NBAA Recommends 12 Steps to Creating an Effective Safety Management System.

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Did you know that many incidents experienced within a flight operation could be mitigated by implementing a Safety Management System (SMS)?

It's true.

With new technologies like simulator training and improved cockpit resource management techniques, accident rates over the past several decades have dramatically decreased. But in recent years, the rates of improvement have leveled off and experts say that many of the incidents that still could be prevented if operators implemented proactive risk management strategies.

That's why NBAA has developed this FREE white paper, Twelve Steps to an Effective Safety Management System: A Review of the Fundamentals, outlining the basic steps required to prepare a comprehensive and effective Safety Management System (SMS).

Based on “best case” experiences through business aviation, this report details the following:

  1. Familiarizing yourself with the underlying philosophy of an SMS.
  2. Obtaining senior management buy-in.
  3. Involving every member of the flight operation in your SMS team.
  4. Determining what resources you have and will need.
  5. Conducting an initial hazard-identification and risk-assessment survey.

And much more!

Safety has always been the top priority for business aviation professionals and we hope that our FREE white paper, Twelve Steps to an Effective Safety Management System: A Review of the Fundamentals, will help you develop a safety culture in your own flight operation that emphasizes a systematic approach to minimizing hazards.

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